Wall Mount Pool Light

Wall Mount Pool Light

Swimming Pool Lights and Replacements

While swimming in the sunshine is undeniably great, nothing beats an evening dip after a hard day’s work. Once you've installed your swimming pool lights, darkness need never again creep up on your aquatic fun. 

Affordable halogens have been a popular staple of swimming pool lights for years due to their versatility. These inexpensive fixtures have a great fan base and will work in any type of pool. LED pool lights, on the other hand, continue to gain in popularity courtesy of their bright output, reasonable cost and long life span. They consume close to 80 percent less energy than the halogen variety while lasting up to 12 years. However, those who want all the bells and whistles might want to consider fiber optic pool lights. While they are somewhat more expensive and shorter-lived than LED lights, their colorful diversity alone will endow the festivities with a certain ambience.

We carry swimming pool light replacements in addition to swimming pool lights, so you're sure to find what you’re looking for to keep your pool beautifully illuminated.

Pool Lights.

Brighten up your backyard pool with the creative use of pool lights. We offer a range of pool lighting options from single coloured LED lights to multi coloured lighting and halogen globes.

The benefits of upgrading your pool lights are hard to ignore: not only the apparence of your pool will improve making the experience more enjoyable, but you will save in electricity and the safety will be improved. Most modern retro-fit lights are incredibly easy and quick to install. For help choosing the best suitable lights for your Pool click here.

Enhance your pool experience with lighting by creating a back yard ambiance that is uniquely you. Modify your environment to suit your tastes and mood, creating a paradise that extends far beyond your pool. Tantalize your senses, sight, sound and touch.

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May You Ask

Can you change a pool light underwater?

Typically, backyard swimming pools are equipped with 1 or more underwater lights. ... There is no need to lower the water level in your pool to replace the burned-out bulb. Instead, you can remove the light housing from the side of the pool, pull the fixture up onto the side of the pool, and change the light bulb there.