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Advantages of LED Grow Lights

Dec. 02, 2020

Light is one of the most important factors affecting plant growth. LED Plant Growth Lights are designed to partially or even completely replace sunlight and provide customized light nutrition package for greenhouse crops. Affected by the rain, snow, haze and other weather in the north, greenhouse crops have a serious lack of light. Not only do they grow slowly and stunted, but the leaves are yellow and sluggish, and the phenomenon of rotten roots and dead seedlings occurs. This is the phenomenon of thousands of greenhouse growers. A big heart disease. LED plant growth lights can solve the above problems, allowing greenhouse crops to photosynthesize as usual and continue to grow when there is no sunlight.

In addition, after the sun sets, we can use our plant growth lights to supplement crops with a certain amount of light, allowing crops to work overtime for photosynthesis, increasing the accumulation of organic matter, shortening the entire growth cycle, and without using pesticides and hormones. Under the premise, not only the taste and quality have been greatly improved, but also the crops can be listed in advance. This is the effect that can be achieved by using our LED plant growth lights.

What are the advantages of LED plant growth lights?

1. Energy saving and environmental protection

Compared with traditional light sources such as traditional incandescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, Classic LED Plant Lamps save energy by about 2/3; compared to energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps, they do not contain heavy metal mercury, which is pollution-free to the environment, and the spectrum does not contain ultraviolet rays. The human body is harmless.

Classic LED Plant Lamps

Classic LED Plant Lamps

2. Spectral adaptation

The LED plant growth lamp comprehensively considers the spectral requirements of plant photosynthesis. For this reason, the company has specially developed phosphors for LED plant lamps, and formulated the spectrum of LED plant lamps based on the phosphors, which can meet the requirements of crop photosynthesis to the greatest extent. Lighting conditions.

3. High cost performance, grounded gas

When the greenhouse temperature is not enough, some of them start a fire for heating, some are connected to heating, and some are plugged in to heat the greenhouse. However, when the weather is bad and lack of light, they are often at a loss. Some can only wait for the weather to improve and bring light. With a little bit of common sense, they will be connected to traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and tungsten filament lamps to blindly fill light for greenhouse crops. .

This light supplement method that does not consider the actual photosynthesis requirements of the crop has little effect on the light supplement, and even burns the crop. The LED plant light itself is not too late to start, but the market is mixed with most products, simple duplication and imitation are endless, ordinary people can't recognize it, and the design is either too exaggerated or too false, and completely does not meet actual needs. It is not suitable for greenhouse use at all.

The LED plant growth light fully considers the above factors, considers the problem from the perspective of the farmers, and discards some tedious and flashy design schemes, and designs and manufactures the most practical, most grounded, and most cost-effective LED plant growth light.

4. Waterproof and moisture-proof, leakage protection

Taking into account the special environment of high temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, the LED plant growth lamp has made adequate waterproof and moisture-proof measures, the driving power is all waterproof, and the lamp bead panel has also been treated with glue to ensure the normal service life. At the same time, the leakage protection switch and the grounding wire dual insurance are installed. Once there is a leakage, the leakage switch will be automatically disconnected, and the leakage will be led into the ground through the ground wire to prevent potential safety hazards caused by leakage.

5. Intelligent control, easy to use

The LED plant growth light also provides an additional intelligent light supplement control system, which can set the light intensity, temperature and time of the supplement light according to the needs. The operation is simple. When the light intensity of the greenhouse is insufficient in rainy, snowy and haze weather, the light will automatically turn on and natural light When the condition reaches a certain standard, it will be closed automatically. It is very convenient for farmers to use it without worry, effort and electricity.

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