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Features of LED Aquarium Lights

Sep. 03, 2020

Aquarium light is a kind of Recessed Underwater Led Light, also known as aquatic growth light. At present, it is mainly made with LED light. Aquarium light is a special kind of light. It needs sunlight according to the law of plant growth. Aquarium light uses sunlight. principle. LED lighting is a kind of lamp that replaces sunlight to provide aquatic plants growth and development environment.

Aquarium lights of different colors also have different functions and effects:

1. Red light:

It can promote the healthy growth of fish. The red light illuminates the fish with bright colors, fresh fish body, transparent and clear water body, especially suitable for lighting red goldfish, colorful fairy, blood parrot and other fish species.

2. Blue light:

After the water is irradiated, the color is azure blue, as clear and lifelike as sea water, especially suitable for corals, duckbills, shrimps and other creatures. It can promote the absorption of coral calcium and synthesize vitamin D3 to make it grow healthily and brightly.

Led Aquarium Lights

Led Aquarium Lights

3. Medium and low color temperature mixing:

It can make the lamp emit soft, reddish, high brightness, and promote the growth and development of deep-seated aquatic plants. After the lamp is used, the aquatic plants of various colors are realistic, and the thick stems are more suitable for mixed aquatic plants. The color rendering index of the lamp is high. After the light is illuminated, the fish of various colors are more realistic, lively and lovely. Provide excellent effects for ornamental fish.

Led Aquarium Lights have the characteristics of small size, light weight, long life, safety, reliability and durability; rich wavelength types, which can simulate the light environment required for the survival of various plants and animals, and the spectrum wave width is narrow at half width, which can be combined as required to obtain pure Monochromatic light and compound spectrum.

According to the survey of Led Aquarium Lights Manufacturers, fish farming is the second most interesting market in the world, second only to photography. The global fish farming population is 100 million people. As long as you control 10% of the market, there will be a market for tens of millions of aquarium lamps.  With the widespread application of LED smart lighting, smart LED aquarium lights can make fish healthier and plants more beautiful, and there will be a broader market in the future.